Entry #3

3DXChat - VR Multiplayer 3D Sex Game (18+)

2017-06-06 14:24:54 by SexGameDevil


Meet the future of adult entertainment! 3DXChat is the most advanced multiplayer adult 3D sex game on the planet with stunning 3D action and Virtual Reality support with Oculus Rift CV1.

Join 3DXChat now (18+)



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2017-06-06 14:31:33

Technology, future for virgins.

(Updated ) SexGameDevil responds:

It's almost impossible to be a virgin in 3DXChat ;)


2017-06-06 14:36:00

Smh thats fucked up.

SexGameDevil responds:

Why do you think so?


2017-06-06 14:38:39

Idk tbh It's either the name or the game being a VR multiplayer game with nudes.

(Updated ) SexGameDevil responds:

Yeah, it's our game 3DXChat that supports VR with Oculus Rift CV1, you can learn more at http://3dxchat.com


2017-06-06 14:43:51

We've had VR for everything but true masterpiece is if you put it in a porn game xD

SexGameDevil responds:

Hehe thanks! We already did it, learn more at http://3dxchat.com/virtual-reality.html